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by Oscar Cubo Medina

The first version of the site was created (the exact date is unknown) by Oscar Cubo Medina as its "personal" page on the departamental server. This is the eighth revision of the site considered version 5.0

A more detailed history of the site is only available in Spanish.


All content on this site, unless otherwise specified, is

with the exceptions:

The site also use contents hosted on external sources (list available on Backend section). Such contents are subjected to its own terms.


This site is powered by Nanoc, a static site compiler, with the help of Sass/Scss and Compass.

Althought is not strictly required, the site uses JavaScript for several enhancements: feature detection provided by Modernizr, script loading and organization by RequireJS and jQuery with several plugins for most of the improvements.

Hosted on GitHub Pages. The fonts ("Open Sans" and "Nothing You Could Do") are hosted on Google Web Fonts service. Some JavaScript may be downloaded from Google Hosted Libraries.

All local files are highly optimized to reduce load in hosting server and increase site response speed.

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